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The relationship with Self is a

discovery.  Spiritual Direction

begins within.The first step

accessing the birth of your

spiritual consciousness, is by

way of creating your spiritual

autobiography.  When we

articulate our sensing story, in

feelings, words, dreams or

pictures, then spiritual

insights emerge.  The next step

is to be in a ONE-with-ONE

spiritual guidance session

where an uncensored spiritual

life can come alive through

storytelling.  Consciousness is....

a spiritual practice to quiet

the mind.  Heartfulness is....

a spiritual practice to awaken

the heart. Your spiritual origin

story is the vehicle to access

  Heartfulness with Consciousness. 



This experiential education

program is specifically designed

for private and not-for-profit organizations.  Each

organizational structure is

unique.  With an honest

evaluation the organization

can reveal the systemic changes

needed to transform the culture

that is impacted by race and cultural prejudices.  AWARE©

begins with a workshop

specifically for white people

learning from other white people. 

It is not the responsibility of

People of Color to educate

white people on the impacts of

racism in America.  The learning

includes cultural identity,

common language, definitions,

family conditioning, and

systemic influences. Self

understanding is the starting

place before we can embrace

change to become






Community Care Ministry is the

ministry of our modern times. 

This is what it means to me: 

 MINISTRY means to serve.

CARE means concern.

and COMMUNITY is fellowship,

sharing, participating, and

contributing.  In 2022 we are

called to NEW ways of learning

about service and being in

direct relationship.  For young

people community includes

play, wonder, discovery, and

service.  For older adults it is the

same, but we add aging, and

Sage-ing to the experience. 

There are many transitions to

celebrate in our lives beginning

with the "Womb to Welcoming"

and ending with the "Grace to

Grave" central to peace.   There

is great value in honoring life

transitions in our lives, not just

service to the Self, it is

Community Care Ministry for All.


  My name is Nan Moore,

   born Nancy Ellen Cook. 

My father was German and English, my mother was French Canadian,

and part of my heritage is unknown.


For more about me, go to MENU and click on Nan Moore's Portfolio.

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Fall 2022 there will be a MORE NAN Blog section.

At times in the blog you may also find included parts of my spiritual autobiography. 


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Spiritual Direction and Guidance



"I found the spiritual direction most moving, supportive and informative. I was able to

look at events in my life, especially from a young age and see the patterns that emerged

from situations and events which occurred in my early life. It was enabling for me to

talk about my past and feel I was listened to without judgement but with a heartfelt

manner from Nan working with an open heart for the highest good.”

~Anne, Nurse, Findhorn Foundation, UK~

'Sharing about my spiritual roots through speaking about my childhood was kind of

validating what I had already always intuitively known yet never fully acknowledged or

given space and has given me direction and guidance ever since my session with Nan.

I can still picture us sitting together, me speaking and her listening intently, so

strong and caring was the presence and focus during the session."

~Angelika, Facilitator and Artist, Germany~


"When I heard that Nan was a Spiritual Director I wanted to book an appointment right

away.  Even though I really didn’t know what to expect or what it was all about, I was

at a point in my life where I felt stuck in so many areas, and had carried heavy burdens

and grief for way too long.  Nan is caring and kind, and her empathic listening made it

so easy for me to share my early childhood memories.  She asked great questions and

took such an authentic interest in me and my life.  She responded to me with such

intuition and wisdom.  Nan was so present to what was coming up for me.   Since

starting spiritual direction with Nan only a few months ago,  I have had some major

shifts-- with openings and movement forward-- in those stuck areas of my life. 

Direction and the direct impact it has had on my life, I did not think that I could

heal and move forward. Thank you Nan! “

~Joyanne M.,Teacher Massachusetts, USA~



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