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We are in times of great

change worldwide. 

It is time to awaken with

anti-racism education (AWARE©).

Once we begin this learning

journey, we can participate in communities in a new way 

central to cultural respect. 

There are many layers

of learning, which does not

happen with one workshop.

It is an ongoing exploration

that calls us to engage fully with

one another to know more

about our own humanity.

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AWARE© Educational Offerings

Each organization will be evaluated after needs assessment goals are identified.  This one-year program is designed for your organization to become AWARE© of ongoing systemic

changes locally, nationally and globally.  It is strongly suggested that AWARE© not

be a mandatory education, but co-workers make their own choice to participate in

the learning.  After the completed assessment, your organizations' leaders will

begin learning through the 3 Stages of AWARE© led by

Nan Moore, AWARE© Focaliser 


(participants from a not-for-profit organization)

"Nan Moore has led our organization through a remarkable 10 month process with such skill and care helping us navigate some very sensitive and, at times challenging issues. The resources she provided were invaluable as well as the prompts for meetings that had us take responsibility for our own growth.  This is truly just a beginning, but to have somebody to hold our entire organization to account over the last 6 months has made a significant difference in keeping this very important work in the forefront."

~ CEO and Founder - Fiona Jensen ~

"Nan's understanding of the issues regarding DEI combined with her gentle nature in navigating people's sensitivities allowed us to explore, and openly face many long held perspectives.  The resources she suggested made allowance or a breadth of learning styles and time constraints.  I have attended both her workshop on White Privilege as well as participated in monthly board discussions on topics that were informed by questions and homework supplied by Nan; as a result I come away feeling far better equipped and comfortable to engage in the work of equity & inclusion."

Board Member - David Troutman ~

"I want to thank you for your leadership and for bringing AWARE to the board of Calmer Choice. 

Under your guidance, we have been encouraged to learn more about our nation through readings,

videos, and discussion.  I now have a more honest view of our nation, both where it was and where

we are going.  I also feel informed and empowered to observe with more nuance and, as such,

I have participated by using my voice in my community" 

~ Calmer Choice Board Member - Nancy A. ~


"I was fortunate to participate in a multi-part White Privilege workshop that AWARE focalizer Nan

Moore facilitated in 2020.  Nan created a brave space for those of us with privilege to confront our

whiteness, share our histories, and set an anti-racist intention.  As a Licensed Certified Social Worker

in Massachusetts, I had done some of this work before; Nan set the stage for me to go deeper and 

learn more about history, my colleagues, and most importantly, myself." 

~ Paul N. Melville, MSW, LCSW, Mindfulness Instructor ~

"It has been an incredible growth experience for me to participate in the White Privilege workshop

and 10-month AWARE program led by Nan Moore. This program provided important educational

resources, frameworks for self-reflection, and a safe space to thoughftully dialogue.  As a Mindfulness Instructor and member of Board of Directors at Calmer Choice, there was a deeper bond with

co-workers and colleagues created through this perspective widening process. I have benefited

greatly from my work and the work of my peers."

~ Paula W ~




Program Creator and Focaliser

I am Nan Moore Focaliser of AWARE©, Awaken

With Anti-Racism Education. The role of

Focaliser is to work with groups focusing the

mind and heart energy together in community. 

When we “wake up” we change ourselves and

then we can have a positive impact on those

around us, encouraging others to wake up as well. 

It is my belief that the magic of learning happens

in community.  We have the ability to dissolve

racism and transform our consciousness to

embrace the the HUMAN RACE.  My anti-racism teachers were leaders from a large youth

community of Young Religious Unitarian

Universalists over a span of about 15 years. These leaders were between the ages of 14 and 25. As teachers, young people offer clear ways to see,

hear, and feel with fresh perceptions sharing their personal experiences, while embracing raw honest emotions. The education I received from these

young people was focused on social justice,

systemic injustice, linked oppression, and most of

all the ability to be uncomfortable enough to learn

and change.  I began the journey as an older white woman, 3rd generation American who learned

about racial prejudice through the eyes of being

white privileged, middle class, and raised in both

rural and suburban environments. The inspiration

from youth and young adults changed how I

experience relationship in the world.  In addition

to this youth learning, the experience of many

years as a hospice chaplain also contributed to

my learning.  I now have the ability to hear about suffering, feel the pain of injustice and see the

damage in the roots of oppression.  I am grateful

that I awakened with anti-racism education and my

hope is you will become "AWARE©" as well.




Starting Point for








White superiority is at the core of racism in America.  

It is important for all of us to learn about invented

racial constructs in both world and American  history

and today, which created systems of inequality. 


Stage 1 is the time to tell our own stories and share

our insights of personal, racial, and cultural bias. 

  1. Stage 1 begins with white people who were        born in the United States. They will learn of their personal heritage, ethnicity and identity as a     white person who was born into a white       supremacist American culture.

  2.  Stage 1 is the first step for white people to          begin learning from other white people openly.     The purpose is to hold a space for truth telling,         so that racial prejudice and social conditioning       can be recognized with sincere honesty.  

  3.  It is not the responsibility of black/brown,    indigenous and people of color (BIPOC) to           teach white people about  racism in America. 

  4.  Stage 1 is where white people begin to take   responsibility to learn about racism through       group education and independent learning.

  5.  The GOAL in Stage 1 workshop series is to             learn about  what white identity is; what        prejudices were learned; what ideas stuck with        us due to conditioning; and how white         supremacy has affected all of us. 

  6.  When we become conscious through respectful   listening we can then let  go of the fear that we    may "say the wrong thing".  It is time to listen,  learn, speak up, and say something.  Respect  is   the core principle learning and when we      become  AWARE© , then we experience unity.



STAGE 2:  After white people learn about white identity then the working

community comes together to

listen and learn about one another

  1.  Respectful listening, storytelling, and common   definitions are the core practice in Stage 2 of the   AWARE© process. 

  2.  A questionnaire is provided so the Focaliser can        get an understanding of the entire community as it informs self identity, inclusivity of ethnicity, heritage, environment, and culture. 

  3. The group retreat experience focuses on                    challenges as well as successes and hopes that          can be imagined. 

  4. Retreat participants envision what an anti-racist organization feels like and what steps can be          taken to create a new found cultural of respect                in the workplace. 

  5. At this point the group makes a collective decision    whether or not to move forward to Stage 3 and commit to further deepen AWARE© learning.                                                                                                                                                           TESTIMONY

For ten months, my organization has prioritized AWARE

(Awaken With Anti-Racism Education) moments at

all of our internal meetings.  AWARE focalizer Nan Moore

provided us with a plethora of resources to explore between

meetings and thoughtful questions to encourage meaningful

sharing and discourse between colleagues.  This experience

helped me to deepen my understanding of my own privilege,

to increase my empathy for those with less privilege than I

have, and to strengthen the trust and camaraderie amongst

staff and board members as we move deliberately along this

challenging path of confronting our whiteness and building

a more culturally humble culture.  

~Paul N. Melville, MSW, LCSW, Mindfulness Instructor~


AWARE© Moments for Meetings


STAGE 3:  Monthly homework

and AWARE© Moments for

business meetings

In Stage 3 your organization participates in an

ongoing self directed learning experience.​


  1. Each month all members of the organization, including the board, staff, educators, interns,             social workers, engineers, artist etc. will     participate in self learning. 

  2. There will be one specific topic each month with  list of homework options.  Each list will include a combination of articles, podcasts, documentaries, films, news interviews, testimonies, talks etc.  Participants choose which option is best for their personal learning style.

  3. One of the homework assignments will be mandatory and usually consists of a documentary or audio visual piece.  

  4. Each group will be given an AWARE©  Moment    to incorporate into onset of one of their monthly work meetings.  For example hold a 15-30 minute discussion on a specific topic related to the homework. 

  5. It is suggested that the AWARE© Moment be scheduled at the beginning of meetings to prioritize and avoid dropping the discussion in  favor of other agenda items.                            


At the end of the year, the organization is asked to consider developing an AWARE© leadership group to continue the education and initiate community collaborative projects chosen by the new organization leadership team.





Cell:  (774)-487-2384



   Forres, Morayshire

        Scotland   UK   

Mobile:  07932 636217


This is a personal decision, which I choose to not participate in any social media sites.  Email is my desired method of communication. 


Thank you ~ NM

© 2023 by NAN MOORE

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