To understand the value of community we need to define it. Community is a group of people that care about each other and feel a sense of belonging.  When people come together our real lives connect us through our stories, hopes and dreaming.  When we belong to a community it provides us with a  sense of friendships which

is experienced  through kindness support.  When we celebrate

with others in mutual care the positive effect touches us in ways

we might not have expected.  In this section you will see

offerings of community workshops, rituals, ceremonies, and

transitional gatherings.  There is also pastoral care for those at

end of life, and for their families who find themselves close to

the Grave of Grace.  Community ministry includes multi-faith

traditions and a variety of spiritual expressions.



  "When participating in the workshop of Celebrating Life by Knowing Death facilitated by Nan Moore, the spiritual growth I experienced has enhanced the quality of my time here on this earth. It has helped me to settle comfortably into the

present moment and be grateful for each and every breath I take. She put together such great ways to identify all the

beauty this life has to offer. The group of individuals assembled with shared experiences gave me such a wonderful appreciation for this life. Nan really helped me recognize the joys in this celebration of life. How sorrows have made

space for joy. This workshop helped me recognize that even as I age life keeps improving."

~Albert V.  Quincy MA~

Retired Plumber, and HVAC Technician and Director of Engineering



There are 4 workshop offerings 2022.

Building community through learning is a life 

giving experience particularly when the topic is a

"Call from the Heart."

The workshop content is determined by your group

needs.  The following choices are for groups with

7-12 participants.


     1.  Celebrating Life by Knowing Death

     2.  Creativity, Arts and Spirituality (see below)

     3.  Grief Series

     4.  Spiritual Development Retreats ​​​

*Special Retreats:  Customized Professional Training Retreats:  Possibilities include Community Education, Mindfulness and Heartfulness, Spiritual and Creative Arts Retreats are also available.  These retreats are designed for specific needs of the groups such as hospice staff, hospital staff, community care, healing professionals, not-for-profits etc.  Currently there is an ARTS and SPIRITUALITY weekend retreat scheduled for NOVEMBER 4 - 6, 2022 held at Cedar Hill Retreat

Center, Duxbury MA.  Space is full at this time.  Please leave an email message on the CONTACT ME section of the HOME page if you are interested in future retreats.


   "I enjoyed and learned a lot from the

Celebrating Life by Knowing Death workshop.

In particular, I developed an interest in near-death experiences, something I had been skeptical of in

the past. I found Nan to be a skilled and

effective focaliser and a warm 


 ~ David Bousquin Church Administrator ~

Quincy, Massachusetts, USA




Community Care Celebration offerings

are created for those who find rituals meaningful to mark life changes or

important transitions.

  1. Womb to Welcoming Ceremony is a gathering co-          created with parents to celebrate the birth of a child alongside family and friends. 

  2. Home Blessings with rituals to celebrate and bless a              new home.

  3. Coming of Age ritual is a family and/or community      celebration created for new teenagers (12-13 year old's)     as they cross over the threshold of childhood to youthhood.

  4. Young Adult Transition Celebration marking the  stage  from dependence to independence (17-18  year olds).   This ritual affirms personal gender identity and Self.

  5. Aging and Sage-ing rituals for those transitions to Old    Woman, Crone, or Old Wise Man 

  6. Unions and Marriage officiate for meaningful Rituals          and Celebrations co-created with the union couple.    Officiate license in Massachusetts.  (Union and          marriages in the UK are not available due to licensing.)

  7. Memorial Services and Celebrations of Life marking          the transition from life to afterlife from Grace to Grave.

  8. Sunday morning pulpit supply for worship services               to include Messages for All Ages.



How do people express their spirituality through the

creative arts? They make a space for the opportunity. Spirituality is important for each person to define for themselves because it means different things to different people. There are many interpretations for spirituality. 

One thought about spirituality is we touch The Spark of Humanity through the sensory world, seen and unseen.

A way to bring your Spark into the physical world is

through creative arts.  We shine when connection,

meaning-making, kindness, and love are alive in us.   Our creativity is ready to emerge any moment we call it to arise. The creative arts and spirituality series is about accessing

your Spark and bringing creative expression forth. The mediums we will focus on for the first Creative Arts and Spirituality Retreat on November 4-6, 2022: Mandalas, 

Touch drawings, music, poetry or writing, and collaging. 

This  retreat is being held at Cedar Hill Retreat Center in Duxbury MA.  If you are interested please go to this

websit to the HOME PAGE, scroll to the bottom and fill

out the CONTACT ME  section.  There will also be an extended version of the session offered 2023 in the Highlands near Findhorn, Scotland.  Please send me an message if you are interested in the Creative Arts and Spirituality workshop in the USA or UK. 



       “The retreat was a wonderful opportunity to learn,

        grow and love in Spirit.  I left feeling resourced and

           inspired having expanded my Angel awareness

         with joy and ease and in communion with potent

          energy.  The retreat was like balm for the Spirit.” 


                    ~Joy D., Albany, New York~ 




End of Life Spiritual Care and Family Afterlife Care, is    available for clients, family and friends.  As an Affiliated Lay      Community Minister, Nan provides a specific pastoral

chaplain care skill which can be offered in multiple

settings, such as, hospital and home setting to include hospice care settings.   When a loved one is receiving 

medical care, or transitioning, spiritual support can be

helpful in ways that are unique.  There are questions 

and reflections at this time that are not medical or

psychological in nature.  Questions arise from the heart

with curiosity around mortality, afterlife, values, meaning making and decision making central to the quality of life. 

Often Community Care Ministry can hold  the client,

friends and family in a living state of heartfulness

engaging in questions like: What can I do to support my beloved?  What can I do when my beloved can no

longer talk? How do I manage my grief and be with my beloved who is also grieving?  What is ok to ask my

beloved?   What do we do together with the

time we have waiting for change?  Discussions are as

unique as the situation.  Spiritual care can offer a

window of insight into the mystery, with the hope of

bringing love, compassion, and peace into a sacred and palpable energy field.  Surrounding your beloved with

care, offers everyone precious time of Reverence and

Grace.  The full circle  of living is completed when full

attention to an ending is recognized as the Greatest



"My mom and I had a wonderful visit with Nan

  after my dad’s passing. Nan listened intently to

  our retelling of the last weeks and days with him.

 It was so helpful for us to feel heard and supported

     in that way. Nan validated our feelings and

    experiences around my dad’s death. She helped

   us make sense of such a difficult and important

                                          life transition."


             ~Kim Dangora, Esthetician, Quincy MA ~