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Guidelines Determination

     It is the equitable mission of NMSDG to provide balanced financial accessibility for services.

     The belief is that what is offered chould be for everyone.  Sliding scale and donations offered.


                               Personal Spiritual Direction and Guidance

  • Free Consultation (30 -45 minute interview  to include Engagement Agreement Form)

  • First Session – up to 2 hours ($100); 1 hour sessions thereafter (sliding scale)

  • Sliding Scale: starting at $70-100 per hour (additional $30 travel expense for visits between 30 and 60 miles)


                      AWARE© Awaken With Anti-Racism Education 


          -> Free Consultation with CEO, CO and Program Organizer (1 1/2 hours)

          -> Consultant Fees charged according to the specific design needs for the organization - $100 per hour

          -> Group Workshop Fees - $200 per hour for Focaliser and $200 for additional Guest Trainer                                               (Fees confirmed prior to workshop.  Hourly fee does not include planning, design, development                                 travel or preparation)


Community Care Ministry

       1.  WEDDINGS (only USA) - $500 (Wedding/Union Registration Form sent upon request)

      2.  MEMORIALS AND CELEBRATION OF LIFE EVENT: (only USA) $300 (Memorial/Funeral                        Service Form sent upon request). Additional fee for Graveside Burial



             Fee determined per person depending on number of sessions, and number of participants

            At least 7 participants for a workshop and no more than 12


       4.  WOMB to WELCOME (child dedication ceremony)



       5.  HOME BLESSINGS         


       6.  COMING of AGE RITUAL (12-14 year olds)

             Plan gathering, meeting with the teen and family

             Sliding Scale depending on preplanning timing and length of event


       7.  RIGHT of PASSAGE (17-19 year olds)

             Plan gathering, meeting with the young adult and family

             Sliding Scale determined by the size of the group 



             Plan gathering, meeting with individual and group

            Sliding Scale determined by the size of the group 


      9.  SPIRITUAL DIRECTION and GUIDANCE RETREATS. (10-12 participants needed)

             Fee determined by number of participants, materials and time frame such as daylong or weekend


       10.  CREATIVE ARTS and SPIRITUALITY RETREATS (10-12 participants needed)

           Determined by number of participants; additional cost for art supplies may also apply


           FOR SCOTLAND -> ONLY DONATIONS for services such as pastoral care,  memorials                                  celebration of life, burials, end of life care, chaplaincy services.   Recipients of such services are 

          requested to provide a donation to one of the following charities; PUSHING  UP THE DAISYS, 

          and/or JOURNEY  HOME.  Kate Clark "Founder". 

                   PUSHING UP THE DAISY'S:

                                      JOURNEY HOME:


        NOTE: Travel fees may apply for long distances. Discussion regarding travel during consultation process.





Mission Statement

Nan Moore Spiritual Direction and Guidance, NMSDG, is committed to

supporting personal access to spiritual growth through spiritual companionship. 


Deep listening, open questions, kindness and compassion promote

guidance to individuals and groups by touching their our own humanity

while respectfully recognizing the humanity in others.









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