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     On this website you will see references to

           Unitarian Universalism. 

       I have served Unitarian Universalist

       churches for over 20 years and it is my faith

       tradition, which you will see referenced in my

          Professional Portfolio below.  


     I am a Unitarian Universalist Affiliated

      Lay Community Minister with

     United First Parish Church, The Church of the

       Presidents, in Quincy, Massachusetts USA. 

     For those in Scotland, you may not know about

      this faith tradition, as it is not as common as other

       faiths in the UK.  Here is a very brief explanation:


     Unitarians belief that reason, and not

     creed, defines the search for truth and meaning.

      Universalists believe that God

         embraces all people equally.  

      Unitarian Universalists believe that truth and

        spiritual meaning can be found in all faiths.

         Unity in One Love. 



   Synchronicity is a term originally coined

   by psychologist Carl Jung that refers to

   "deeply meaningful coincidences

      which mysteriously occur in your life" 



A Focaliser is a person in a leadership position who focuses the group mind and heart energy

for the purpose of both personal and group expansion

White horse




Strong organizational skills:

  • 18 years experience coordinating Unitarian Universalist church school programs for inter-generational community events and educational events

  • create and lead inter-generational field trip activities as well   as leading inspirational worship 

  • created yearly calendar of events to include activities, fundraisers, social justice projects and community outreach

  • organized and facilitated conferences, workshops events, retreats and trainings both local and nationally;

  • supervised 30 congregational volunteers

  • developed mentorship programs with elders and youth

Community organizing in Massachusetts:

  • provided community conversation for gay  youth coming out in high school 1999;

  • October 2000- February 2001organized Justice Tree Conference (discrimination topic) funded from GLSEN (Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network) held at Cape Cod Community College for the community

  • 1999 and 2001Organized outreach; created and organized 2 community forums  for "The Day the  People Came Together" to discuss teen- age suicide and depression, with teens, therapist, psychologist, guidance councilors; parents

Other organizing community education support 2008-2014

  • Interfaith Social Services Food Pantry (with children and teens), Cradles to Crayons (serving children), Father Bills (homeless facility in Quincy); Harbor Point (Alzheimer's care in Centerville); NOAH shelter community service projects (No Affordable Housing in Hyannis);

  • Leadership development retreats and conferences for youth groups and adults (1998-2011)

TRAININGS 2000-2010: co-facilitated with Youth Leaders approximately 25 Trainings to include: Leadership Training

of Trainers;  Leadership Development Trainings, Spiritual Development Trainings, Chaplaincy Trainings, Advisor Trainings in multiple districts in the USA and Canada: New Jersey, New York, Texas, California, South Carolina, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, Indiana, Oklahoma and Nanaimo Canada



  2019 - Workshop series on Living Well, Dying Well 

  2020 - Holding Grief and Gratitude workshops (6 series)

  2020 - Celebrating Life by Knowing Death (7 series)

  2020 - 2021:  AWARE©Awaken With Anti-Racism

  Education, program for not-for-profit organization to

  include: white privilege workshops; organizational retreat

  (Jan 2021) for teachers, staff, and board members;

  ongoing monthly educational support integrating

  AWARE© education into  the systemic culture of the                     organization to include business meetings.

Randolph's   Leap,  Scotland   UK




  • 2022- present:  Director of Family Ministry United First Parish Church (Unitarian Universalist)

  • 2019-present:  Commissioned by United First Parish

        Church to become Affiliated Lay Community Minister

        for UFPC

  • 2019-present:  Self Employed Nan Moore Spiritual

         Direction and Guidance (NMSDG)

  • 2017- 2019:  Completion of Unitarian Universalist Spiritual Direction Certification Program 

  • 2012-2017:  Spiritual Care Coordinator (Chaplain) Good Shepherd Community Care, Newton, MA

  • 2008-2012: Clinical Pastoral Education Brigham and

         Women's Hospital, Boston, MA

  • 2008 - 2014:  Director of Religious Education United First

        Parish Church, Quincy, MA. 

  • 2006-2007: Acting Director of Religious Education/First

        Parish UU Cohasset, MA 

  • 2001-2006: Director of Religious Education Unitarian

        Universalist Meeting House Chatham, MA

  • November 2000 – June 2002: Youth Program Consultant

         Town of Mashpee, MA

  • August1996 –  2000: Director of Religious Education

        Unitarian Church of Barnstable, MA


  • April 2018:  Member of the Unitarian Universalist Society  of Community Ministry; 

  • October 2019:  Commissioned as an Affiliated Lay

         Community Minister for United First Parish Church,

         Quincy MA (Unitarian Universalist); 

  • 1996-2014 YOUTH Community Care Ministry:    Developed Coming of Age mentorship learning programs; Adult-at-large for youth caucus staff for UU General Assembly and Youth Council;

  • 2001-2011 ;  Developed Commitment to Community

        Ministry program focuses on substance use and

        dependency conversations (14-20 year olds) Young

        Religious Unitarian Universalist (YRUU); Yearly Advisor  for            multiple social justice and anti-racism education                            gatherings for YRUU including New Orleans post Katrina            and Chicago.



              UUSCM - Unitarian Universalist Society of 

                                    Community Ministry

                 UUSDN - Unitarian Universalist Spiritual 

                                   Direction Network

                 SDI - Spiritual Direction International

Randolph's   Leap,  Scotland   UK

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