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The relationship with Self is a discovery. 


We were born spiritual beings entering


into a physical experience.


Our multiple and specific teachers


taught us our spiritual and moral beliefs.


Spiritual Direction offers an opportunity for


spiritual development focused on connection,


belonging,and meaning-making. The


presence of an Anam Cara, Spirit Friend,


can provide an opportunity to


relearn, renew and reclaim

the Self in new ways.


The Source of Reverence, is the key.

Spiritual Guidance is the Nourishment.


Spiritual direction begins with storytelling


When we articulate our spiritual stories


it is a full sensory experience.

The story begins at the moment of

our spirit birth.  Spiritual Guidance


sessions can open new expressions of

our story through multiple mediums

such as art, sharing, writing, mapping,

and visualizing.  Storytelling is an

opportunity to uncover that which is not

often revealed in our everyday


lives.  Our personal autobiography is

the window into spiritual awareness.

The quality of life is the achievement.


photo by Erwin Shaareman


ONE-with-ONE sessions can provide a vessel

from the unconscious to conscious.  Sharing

dream work, artful expression or automatic

writing are just a few examples of this vessel.


The sacred field of learning

ONE-with-ONE is created between the

Director and Directee.  Presence, listening,

acceptance and silence are the openings

where the tenderhearted shifts can occur.


Self-awareness is the greatest teacher.


NOTE: ONE with ONE Spiritual Guidance is

NOT therapy.There is a discernment between

psychology and spirituality where limits are

recognized.  When there is indication for

therapy, the Spiritual Director can offer

a referral to the appropriate

skilled professional. 


Please review Guidelines for Ethical conduct

on the Spiritual Direction International




Spiritual stories are precious and we hold them in the hand of


Heartfulness is the spiritual practice to


awaken the heart.  The outcome of Spiritual


Direction is to realize we are born sensory


and sensitive beings integrated into a


physical body. The Universe has provided us


with everything we need if we allow ourselves


to live from the Spark of the Heart.  Spiritual


Awakenings are the engagement of creativity,


connection, and kindness.  Once awakened,


family, friends, community and others


benefit from our expansion.

With Consciousness we are living


in the Present Moment.


With Heartfulness we are living

in the Embodiment of Love.




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